User Notifications

You now have the ability to easily post notifications to your users, which will appear on their account homepage when they log into your site.   There is a new option in your “System Settings” area called “User Notifications”, where you are able to easily post text notifications to your user’s logged-in dashboard.  When the user logs into your site, they’ll be able to see the special notification above all of the other items on their dashboard with the ability to … Read More

Ask & answer without being logged in

Now on Answerbase your users are able to compose the questions or answers they’d like to post before they login or register, allowing them to write and edit their content first and only requiring them to login or register as the last step before finally posting.  Previously the users were required to register or login before they were introduced to the pages to compose their content, which could interrupt their thought process and desired action.  With the new process they … Read More

Answerbase has beta launched

Lumin Creative, the company that has been providing the Question & Answers platform for some of the largest online properties such as and for years, has now launched a new beta version of our system that enables anyone to setup a Q&A site within minutes. Using our powerful Q&A system with a wide range of features, we’ve packaged all of those capabilities into an easy to use and maintain online service (SaaS), enabling anyone to take advantage of … Read More