5 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website

It’s easy to find ways to generate sales leads from your website – just Google the subject and dozens of ideas will turn up. But it’s important to keep in mind not all techniques are alike; some will lead to more leads than others. To help you focus your efforts where they’re likely to produce the best results, here’s a list of five ways to generate leads that have been singled out by various sources as particularly effective. Publish an … Read More

3 Ways to Convert More Website Visitors into Customers

Driving more people to your website through SEO is great – but turning them into customers once they get there is even better. So what can you do to increase the chances that a website visitor takes the next step and buys something while they’re there? We’ve identified three tried-and-true techniques to apply to improve your conversion rates. Let Other Customers Sing Your Praises Don’t just tell potential customers how great your product or service is – let your other … Read More

Stepping Beyond Paid Search in Search Marketing

The old saying “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always apply when you’re trying to drive search traffic to your website. Sure, paid search pushes you to the top of a page of search results for relevant searches, and that’s a great thing. It can be especially valuable when someone’s ready to buy a particular item, and they’ve already done the research and just want to find a nearby store or online channel where they can make their purchase. … Read More

Save Drafts of Answers for Future Use or Answer Collaboration!

Hope everybody has been well.  We’ve just launched a new “Save Answer Draft” feature for Business Plan customers which will allow you to save drafts of your answers.   This will allow you to save what you’re doing if you’re interrupted and need to come back to finish later, or also allows you to collaborate with other team members to come up with the best possible response to a question. You’ll find this feature under your “Answer Question” text area … Read More

Communicate Effectively with Internal Question Notes!

We’ve been supporting the ability for administrators to write notes back and forth to each other in the administration site for select Enterprise Customers, as they collaborate on building a great answer for questions.  Now we’re bringing this feature to Business Plan customers as well. You’ll find the new feature available when you’re viewing a new question that comes in, where you’ll now see a “Notes” tab on the question details page with an easy-access “Add New” option there.  That … Read More

Additional Anti-Spam Tools and Access Restriction Capabilities

We’ve released some new anti-spam settings in your administration interface which allow you to restrict user postings by Country, allowing you to target specific countries or regions that you want to either restrict postings to or avoid postings from.  You can find these new features under “System Settings > Anti-Spam Settings”. With these new features, you’ll be able to choose to identify a list of countries and then determine whether the system will be looking for content being posted “from” or “not from” … Read More

New API Enhancments and Comment Publishing Settings Available!

Hope everyone is well, we’ve released some enhancements to the API that we really think you’re gonna like as it gives you even more robust capabilities in order to build out your own Q&A functionality powered by Answerbase!  We’ve also released some new capabilities related to both question and answer comments, giving you more control over your content. API Enhancments See a list of the latest releases to the API below: Added method Post Image Added “published” property to results … Read More

Giving You More Control Over SEO-Related Features

One of the huge benefits for public Q&A platforms is the consistent growth of organic search traffic that we’re able to bring to our customer’s sites.  We’ve seen year over year of organic growth from our clients which we documented in our post about How User-Generated Q&A Grows Traffic and Conversions on Your Site.  While the performance the Answerbase platform achieves with our default settings is great, we’ve launched some features that give you even more control over how your content … Read More

Create Custom Information Fields for User Profiles

We’ve recently launched the ability for you to create your own custom profile fields that your users will be able to fill in and also enable or disable those fields per user.  These new features ensure that your user profiles provide all of the information that is relevant to your audience, and are available on all of our plans. We already had a variety of fields available that you were able to enable and disable for supporting on your Q&A … Read More

6 Ways to Distribute Content Marketing More Effectively

A single piece of content can reach many, many people in your target audience if you know how to distribute it effectively. From sharing on social networks, to taking steps to improve your search rankings, there’s no shortage of ways to get your content in front of as large an audience as possible. Here are six things you can do to help ensure that your content is reaching more of the people you want to target for your content. 1. … Read More