Define a SLA Response times for your site, categories, and individual questions

You’re able to define an SLA (Service Level Agreement) response time for your Q&A activity, where you can define how quickly your team needs to make sure there is a response to visitors questions.  This helps ensure that your asking visitors get a prompt response and have a positive experience with your organization and brand. Enabling an SLA for Your Site You will see that under your “Settings > General Settings” you now have the ability to enable a default … Read More

Expand Your Content with Articles

You are able to grow useful content in a Q&A format to make sure that all of your audience’s questions are answered and their informational needs are satisfied.  Of course, there are certain topics where its helpful to do a deeper dive with an answer, and other times it becomes helpful for high-demand topics to be covered in an in-depth article or “how to” post.  Now Answerbase provides Business and Enterprise Plan customers with the ability to support both Q&A … Read More

“Moderation Area” is being Updated and Renamed as “My Work”

We have some exciting new updates that are scheduled for release in September, including an update to the “Moderation Area” functionality which will provide a much better workflow and user experience for you moving forward.  There are a few changes that you’ll notice after the release that we wanted to point out. Dashboard & Main Navigation First, you’ll notice in the main navigation that you’ll no longer see the “Moderation Area” option, but rather a new “My Work” area.   … Read More

Customer Support and Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven…or at Least Online

After years of polite distance, marketing and customer support are seeing each other in a whole new light – and making a powerful, exciting connection. Those not-to-be-crossed lines between the parts of a business that generate revenue, like marketing, and the parts that cost money, like customer support, are falling by the wayside, blurred by online customer interaction. And the implications for both sides are huge, as they develop a new relationship in a world much different than the one … Read More

When to Offer Community Support – And How to Do It Well

Many companies already know the benefits that come from implementing community support. Done well, peer-to-peer support can help businesses save time, reduce costs and offer even better customer support – all while keeping people talking about their brand and products. But for other companies, the thought of empowering customers to answer one another’s product or service questions is a more than a little nerve-wracking – and in some cases doesn’t make sense. So how do you know if offering a … Read More

Tips for Providing High Quality Customer Support More Efficiently

Customer support is a constant balancing act. On the one hand, you want to respond to customer questions and requests for help as personally and robustly as possible to earn their loyalty. On the other, you need to scale your operations without compromising quality as customer support inquiries continue to grow. Here are five tips for effectively delivering a quality support experience as your company scales. Save time by cross-referencing existing content whenever you can. Building and growing a highly … Read More

Use Technology to Turn Around Your CSR Turnover Problem

If customer service is a big part of your business, CSR turnover can be a big problem. With turnover rates hovering around 33%, it’s no wonder this issue poses a constant worry for so many businesses. But what if you could turn the problem into an opportunity? Technology today is making it possible to do just that. Here are three ways you can use technology to minimize the negative effects of CSRs leaving their jobs – and even reduce your … Read More

In Business, Thought Leadership Starts with Customer Support

What if you could do just one thing that would assure your company of retaining customers, getting more business from them and attracting new customers? That’s exactly what can happen when you become a thought leader in customer support. A thought leader is the authority that customers, potential customers and other audiences look to over and over again for reliable, accurate, expert information and answers to their questions. You can establish yourself as a thought leader by consistently providing information … Read More

6 Ways to Improve Customer Support With Technology

Customer support has traditionally been one of the most high-touch areas of operation for many businesses, conjuring up images of call centers full of live operators, on-site service visits from expert technicians and other people-intensive activities. And while those scenarios continue to play an important role in successful customer support, they’re increasingly being supplemented by – and sometimes even supplanted by – technology. The right technology can help improve the support you provide and, at the same time, reduce your … Read More

Tips to Focus Your Content on Topics That Bring Results

Write. Analyze. Refine. That’s the path to successful content marketing. Earlier this year, we offered tips on how to identify the best content marketing topics for your business as you get started; after you’ve got some good content in place, it’s important to take a step back, see what’s working well for you and refine your approach accordingly. Keep your content focused on topics that will give you the best results by following the tips below, and you should continue … Read More