Sitemap Verification + Tools Display

We have a couple more features just released for you, with enhancements allowing sitemap verification as well as display options for the tools area on your Q&A site. Sitemap Verification Lastly if you care a lot about your search engine indexing and use the webmaster tools that Google, Yahoo and others provide, you are now able to verify your Answerbase site with your own personal meta tags, so that you can integrate with those webmaster tools and have a full … Read More

How Social Q&A Can Build Your Online Community

We have a number of features on the Q&A platform that help companies easily build a user community around their products, services and information.  These tools help secure Q&A as the most effective way to start an online community and drive user interaction. Answerbase’s community features that will enhance the system’s ability to turn your website visitors into an active community of users.  In addition to the core Q&A functionality, Answerbase supports category and tag subscriptions as well as public-facing … Read More

Answerbase Now Supports Comments for Questions and Answers

We’ve just launched support for comments, where users and admins are able to add comments to questions and/or comments. To enable comments for your site, simply go into your administration area and click into the “System Settings” area.  Under the System Settings area, click into the “Feature Preferences” option.  At the bottom, you’ll see two new options for adding comments to questions and/or answers. Enabling comments for questions or answers will give you the ability to have users clarify their … Read More

Companies Look to Community Q&A Software to Better Support Their Customers

Companies are always looking for ways of better servicing their customers, as well as reducing customer support costs and overhead.  Recently companies have been finding that they can achieve both by adding community Q&A to their websites, as it provides higher quality answers to inquiries while also reducing the resources used to provide that support. Community Q&A is a user driven question and answer platform, where customers are able to easily ask questions and receive answers.  The advantage community Q&A … Read More

Advanced CSS Customization for your Q&A Community

We’ve recently added the capability in the administration site for you to add your own CSS, and choose to overwrite any of our default CSS.  With these new adjustments, you have even more control over what your Q&A site will look like…to make sure it lines up with your desired design and branding.  You can find this feature in the “Customization” section of your admin area, you’ll see a new “CSS” option under the Advanced Customization Tools. Don’t have a … Read More

Mobile Q&A site for your Website

Answerbase has launched a mobile version of its service, so that all websites that create a Q&A site through the Answerbase service will also have a mobile Q&A site as well.   Your users will be able to access your Q&A site’s content and functionality from any mobile phone browser including on the popular iPhone and Android mobile devices. Users have the ability to ask questions and get the relevant answers to those questions through an easy to use mobile site, … Read More

Create a Q&A Community to Support Your Customers

Answerbase now supports official “staff answers” for all levels of its service, so that members of your team can answer questions along with the community, and those answers will be specially highlighted so visitors can recognize its a contribution from your staff. This combination of community driven support and contributions from your team will make sure your visitors are satisfied, while adding valuable content to your site.

Create a Q&A Site on Answerbase announced its official launch today, giving businesses the ability to easily add a Q&A community to their websites. Our technology has powered community Q&A for some of the internet’s most respected brands at the enterprise level for a number of years, but is now available to businesses and websites of all sizes through the service.  There are several low-cost plans ranging from $15 per month for the basic plan to $200 per month for the most advanced. Plus, … Read More