Keep Your Content Up-To-Date with Scheduled Content Reviews

The content on your website is a reflection of your brand and how well your business and site is managed, so its essential that all of the content that you have available is kept up to date.  This ensures that the content remains relevant for your audience, and your knowledge base is a reliable destination for useful information. In an effort to make your life easier in managing your content, we’ve released a new feature where you can schedule content … Read More

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Content Marketing Format

It’s not just what you say online; it’s how you say it – or show it, as the case may be. If you want your content to be seen and widely shared, you need to present it in a way that conveys your message effectively. This may mean writing a traditional blog post, or it may mean presenting your content visually; it may even mean doing a bit of both. The format you choose depends on what you want to … Read More

3 Tips on Identifying the Best Content Marketing Topics

What if we told you that you can easily create marketing content that accomplishes your business goals?  Developing valuable content is easier than you think. The first step is understanding this: Content isn’t pushed by content creators; it is pulled by content consumers. This motto is the finger on the pulse of the Internet and you need to get on board—consumers now pull the content they actually want as opposed to being force-fed.   It’s the reason why cable stations … Read More

Create Content based on Real Demand with Answerbase Content Insights

Answerbase has released our “Content Insights” for Business and Enterprise Plan customers which will recommend content that you should create based on what topics are in high demand.  As we track your visitor’s activity on your Answerbase Q&A platform, we’re able to determine what topics are most popular with your audience and then give you insights on your customer’s and visitor’s pain points, topics of interest, and most common inquiries.  We clearly present these topics to you with recommendations on different … Read More

Enhanced Anti-Spam Tools Available

Hi All, Hope things are well.  To compliment some of the other features we have in place to combat spam, we’ve recently launched a few new anti-spam tools for you that you’ll want to be aware of.  As your Q&A platforms become more popular and well-trafficked….you’re bound to get hit with a spam attack or two so we’ve enhanced our features to makes sure you have all the necessary tools in place to combat those pesky spammers. You can find … Read More

New Answerbase API Methods and Capabilities Released

Answerbase has recently rolled out many new API methods and enhancements so you can more seamlessly integrate Q&A into your websites, some of our clients are ONLY using the API to integrate Q&A functionality into their sites with these new features and we wanted to let you know what is new. See what’s new: We’ve added new methods to get a specific category and get a list of all categories available on your platform We’ve added the parameter ExternalQuestionUrl to … Read More

Answerbase Supports Multiple Languages

Answerbase has always supported many different languages on the enterprise plan, and now we’re supporting other languages on the other plans as well. You can see that Answerbase now supports Spanish as well as English on the Basic, Professional, and Business plan and will be rolling out additional languages over time. To change your language settings, go into your administration area under “System Settings > General Settings” and you can see a dropdown where you can change your language preferences. … Read More

New IP Access Controls

We have just released some new IP access recognition and controls, which allows you to more effectively manage your users and if necessary block any abusive users who may try to abuse posting privileges. For most communities, this is not necessary but inevitably for some they become the target of manual SPAM campaigns and therefor we want to make sure you have the necessary tools to manage those situations and keep your life easy:) As you view a user’s profile … Read More

Responsive Design for Mobile, Tablets, and Computers – Answerbase Q&A Software

Answerbase’s Q&A software template now has a responsive design so that your users are able to interact with your Q&A site on a user friendly environment with any device. The new responsive design makes sure that your users are able to take advantage of all of Answerbase’s features no matter whether they’re browsing on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Signup for a free Answerbase Q&A Software trial today to see the new template and see what Answerbase Q&A can … Read More

Tag Management Is Now Easier and More Effective

Answerbase provides two different options through which your database of questions and the content of your site are organized: Dynamic Tags and Hierarchical Categories.  For those of you that have chosen to use Dynamic Tags, we have exciting news!   Answerbase has recently released an update that will allow Administrators and Moderators a way to better and more effectively manage their tags. Answerbase has now given you the ability to take tags that are synonyms or misspellings of existing tags and … Read More