When to Offer Community Support – And How to Do It Well

Many companies already know the benefits that come from implementing community support. Done well, peer-to-peer support can help businesses save time, reduce costs and offer even better customer support – all while keeping people talking about their brand and products. But for other companies, the thought of empowering customers to answer one another’s product or service questions is a more than a little nerve-wracking – and in some cases doesn’t make sense. So how do you know if offering a … Read More

In Business, Thought Leadership Starts with Customer Support

What if you could do just one thing that would assure your company of retaining customers, getting more business from them and attracting new customers? That’s exactly what can happen when you become a thought leader in customer support. A thought leader is the authority that customers, potential customers and other audiences look to over and over again for reliable, accurate, expert information and answers to their questions. You can establish yourself as a thought leader by consistently providing information … Read More