A few updates to the system

You now have the ability to define your own “From” email address, that will be represented in all system emails that go out. You can manage that in the “System Settings” area, where the default from address is “do_not_reply at answerbase.com”. If you wish for your users to be able to respond to the emails going out from the system, you can receive that response by changing the email address to your own. We also updated the API with a … Read More

Earn more money with your Q&A site

Selling advertisement is one way of making an income off of your Q&A site, but until now on Answerbase it has only been possible to add advertisement spots in a few general places of the system. But with the latest enhancement of the platform, we’ve made it possible for you to add specific advertisement to the pages that receive most visits: the question pages. This means that you have the option to take advantage of three advertisement spots placed on … Read More

Approve questions before publishing

We have now launched a few feature that let’s you choose to approve questions and answers before they are published on the site. You can change the setting for this in your administration site under the System Settings > Feature Preferences page, and if enabling this, all questions and answers will need to be moderated by you or your moderators before they can be see on the Q&A site.

We now support Tags!

Now you’re able to set your site to use either tags or a hierarchical categorization structure, depending on what you feel will serve your audience the best.  If you already have an existing site, if you’d like to use tags you can change this setting in the  “System Settings” area of your administration site and are able to manage the new tags posted through your moderation tools.  With the addition of supporting dynamic tags, your users are able to identify … Read More

Retitling of “Experts” to “Members”

After observing the activity of many of your sites and how users respond to the navigation, we’ve adjusted the titles on the site so it references “members” in the site instead of “experts” when making reference to active users.  Obviously, users will still be recognized for their expertise and their activity, and rank will make the connection with them being “experts” in different subject matters, but we’ve found the title change to be appropriate for usability purposes.

Launching more features

We have uploaded a new batch of features, enhancements and bugfixes and hope you’re happy with the result. The two most important enhancements are allowing your users to use tags instead of categories and renaming experts to members. These will be described in more detail in the following posts. Apart from this we have updated the css so that users without css knowledge are able to reference their own css files without that affecting the Answerbase site inadvertently. Also when … Read More

Advanced Widgetbuilders

Answerbase has just launched three new advanced widgetbuilders in the administration area, making integration into your site easier and much more flexible. When looking to integrate your Answerbase Q&A platform and content into your website or blog, these new widget builders make that much easier to accomplish.   With three different widgets that you can create and customize, you’re able to display questions lists, an “Ask a Question” widget, or experts lists throughout your site which supplies more relevant content to … Read More

User Notifications

You now have the ability to easily post notifications to your users, which will appear on their account homepage when they log into your site.   There is a new option in your “System Settings” area called “User Notifications”, where you are able to easily post text notifications to your user’s logged-in dashboard.  When the user logs into your site, they’ll be able to see the special notification above all of the other items on their dashboard with the ability to … Read More

Ask & answer without being logged in

Now on Answerbase your users are able to compose the questions or answers they’d like to post before they login or register, allowing them to write and edit their content first and only requiring them to login or register as the last step before finally posting.  Previously the users were required to register or login before they were introduced to the pages to compose their content, which could interrupt their thought process and desired action.  With the new process they … Read More