Create Custom Information Fields for User Profiles

We’ve recently launched the ability for you to create your own custom profile fields that your users will be able to fill in and also enable or disable those fields per user.  These new features ensure that your user profiles provide all of the information that is relevant to your audience, and are available on all of our plans. We already had a variety of fields available that you were able to enable and disable for supporting on your Q&A … Read More

E-Commerce Module Enhancements

Great news!  In our efforts to make Answerbase benefit your business as much as possible, we have recently made some enhancements to our E-Commerce module!  The new changes that have been implemented will allow for quicker and more efficient processes when dealing with your product information. As we moved a few functions on the user interface to allow for better flow and easier access, we also added an “Advanced Search” function so you can quickly find the exact product information … Read More

You Now have Control of Your “Help Page” and Your “Terms & Conditions” Page

You are now able to easily edit the text that comprises your “Help Page” and your “Terms & Conditions Page.”  If you don’t feel like making any changes, the Answerbase team has already provided many safeguards and general help information in the default text. But for those of you who like to be in full control and like things to be exactly how you want them, you are now able to take the reins and say exactly what you want … Read More

E-Commerce Tracking & Reports Give Users ROI Data

ROI can be a tricky animal. Let’s be honest, it’s often hard to track just how much pay out you get for each tweet, blog, sponsored post, or viral video. But we get that at the end of the day you’re looking for highly engaged customers and monetization. Good news. We have a new feature for our e-commerce clients that makes it possible to determine if Answerbase Q&A assisted in getting your customer to the check out point. Even better, … Read More

New Function Measures Reducing Duplicate Questions

One of our users’ favorite Answerbase features is our process of eliminating extra work for administrators. Whether its our similar questions function or our quick-to- reply customer service team, Answerbase customers can rest assured that we are in your corner. We’re always searching for ways to create a better Q&A experience for our clients and users. The latest upgrade we’ve incorporated is a method of measuring our process of reducing duplicate questions. By keeping track of how often we are … Read More

Advanced Administrator Moderation Management

We’ve recently published an enhancement to the moderation area for site administrators, so you’re able to more easily view the moderation queues of all of your moderators individually, and accomplish their moderation tasks yourself if desired. This allows you to easily manage another person’s moderation assignments if they take a sick day or go on vacation! You’re also able to view all unmoderated content and users more easily, so you can see what posts and users still need to be … Read More

Migrate Existing Users Using Our New “Import Users” Functionality

With our new “Import Users” functionality it’s now easier than ever to migrate your existing Q&A site or traditional forum to Answerbase.  With the combination of being able to import your questions, answers, and users easily onto the Answerbase platform, we make it painless for you to start seeing the benefits of using Answerbase over other platforms. In your administration area, if you go to the “Users” section you’ll find a new option in the sub-navigation to “Import Users”.  This … Read More

More Profile Information Options for Your Q&A Users

We’ve recently released an update that allows our customers to support more types of user information on user profiles and also provides the ability to select which fields will be supported on a system through the administration interface. If you go into your administration interface, go to the “System Settings” area, and then click into “Feature Preferences.” You’ll see a new area where you’re able to select the profile information you want supported on your platform.  Only the information that … Read More

A few updates to the system

You now have the ability to define your own “From” email address, that will be represented in all system emails that go out. You can manage that in the “System Settings” area, where the default from address is “do_not_reply at”. If you wish for your users to be able to respond to the emails going out from the system, you can receive that response by changing the email address to your own. We also updated the API with a … Read More

Earn more money with your Q&A site

Selling advertisement is one way of making an income off of your Q&A site, but until now on Answerbase it has only been possible to add advertisement spots in a few general places of the system. But with the latest enhancement of the platform, we’ve made it possible for you to add specific advertisement to the pages that receive most visits: the question pages. This means that you have the option to take advantage of three advertisement spots placed on … Read More