Offer Rewards to Your Members for Creating Valuable Content

Answerbase has rolled out its Rewards Program functionality, allowing you to offer tangible rewards to your members for their contributions….so they can exchange any points they’ve earned for real world prizes.  Perhaps you want to offer a great t-shirt or mug with your company’s branding on it, or perhaps a gift certificate to your own store or other stores (Tip: treat them to coffee to keep them energized so they can continue writing for you!)….whatever your prizes are, they can help create an incentive … Read More

Supercharge Your Link Building through Answerbase’s “Related Content” Features

Answerbase now allows you to easily identify the relationship between the questions that your users post and other relevant content that you have on your site including tutorials, videos, articles, blog posts, white papers, etc.  This effectively presents all of the most relevant content you to satisfy the needs of your visitors, while creating a web of relevant interlinking pages that search engines love. You now have the tools to identify other content that is related to each question posted … Read More

Reward Members for Referring Your Site & Growing Your Community

Answerbase administrators can now enable a referral program, where you can reward members for successfully referring their own colleagues and friends to become members of your community.  Your current members will earn reputation points for each successful referral, further recognizing them for their contributions. Administration Referral Program Settings & History You’ll see this new functionality as an option within your administration site, under “System Settings > Referral Program”.  There you will see the option to enable the program, and also some … Read More

Lock Down Question Threads from New Posts by Members

There are certain questions that pop up that require an answer from your company and designated experts, and you want to control that message for that specific Q&A thread.  Now you’re able to lock down a specific question thread so that no members are able to add any additional comments or answers to that thread.  This allows you to choose specific posts where you control the message 100%, while still allowing member posts on other content on the system where … Read More

Define a SLA Response times for your site, categories, and individual questions

You’re able to define an SLA (Service Level Agreement) response time for your Q&A activity, where you can define how quickly your team needs to make sure there is a response to visitors questions.  This helps ensure that your asking visitors get a prompt response and have a positive experience with your organization and brand. Enabling an SLA for Your Site You will see that under your “Settings > General Settings” you now have the ability to enable a default … Read More

Expand Your Content with Articles

You are able to grow useful content in a Q&A format to make sure that all of your audience’s questions are answered and their informational needs are satisfied.  Of course, there are certain topics where its helpful to do a deeper dive with an answer, and other times it becomes helpful for high-demand topics to be covered in an in-depth article or “how to” post.  Now Answerbase provides Business and Enterprise Plan customers with the ability to support both Q&A … Read More

“Moderation Area” is being Updated and Renamed as “My Work”

We have some exciting new updates that are scheduled for release in September, including an update to the “Moderation Area” functionality which will provide a much better workflow and user experience for you moving forward.  There are a few changes that you’ll notice after the release that we wanted to point out. Dashboard & Main Navigation First, you’ll notice in the main navigation that you’ll no longer see the “Moderation Area” option, but rather a new “My Work” area.   … Read More

Save Drafts of Answers for Future Use or Answer Collaboration!

Hope everybody has been well.  We’ve just launched a new “Save Answer Draft” feature for Business Plan customers which will allow you to save drafts of your answers.   This will allow you to save what you’re doing if you’re interrupted and need to come back to finish later, or also allows you to collaborate with other team members to come up with the best possible response to a question. You’ll find this feature under your “Answer Question” text area … Read More

Communicate Effectively with Internal Question Notes!

We’ve been supporting the ability for administrators to write notes back and forth to each other in the administration site for select Enterprise Customers, as they collaborate on building a great answer for questions.  Now we’re bringing this feature to Business Plan customers as well. You’ll find the new feature available when you’re viewing a new question that comes in, where you’ll now see a “Notes” tab on the question details page with an easy-access “Add New” option there.  That … Read More

Additional Anti-Spam Tools and Access Restriction Capabilities

We’ve released some new anti-spam settings in your administration interface which allow you to restrict user postings by Country, allowing you to target specific countries or regions that you want to either restrict postings to or avoid postings from.  You can find these new features under “System Settings > Anti-Spam Settings”. With these new features, you’ll be able to choose to identify a list of countries and then determine whether the system will be looking for content being posted “from” or “not from” … Read More