Reward Members for Referring Your Site & Growing Your Community

Answerbase administrators can now enable a referral program, where you can reward members for successfully referring their own colleagues and friends to become members of your community.  Your current members will earn reputation points for each successful referral, further recognizing them for their contributions. Administration Referral Program Settings & History You’ll see this new functionality as an option within your administration site, under “System Settings > Referral Program”.  There you will see the option to enable the program, and also some … Read More

Community Q&A Software vs. Traditional Forums

We’ve been receiving feedback from a number of new and perspective clients that companies are choosing community Q&A for their websites over traditional online forum software, as they’re finding that Q&A more effectively engages users, creates more valuable user-generated content, and in turn drives significant new traffic from search engines as users across the internet are also searching for answers to their questions. “We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from website owners who had used a traditional forum to their … Read More