E-Commerce Module Enhancements

Great news!  In our efforts to make Answerbase benefit your business as much as possible, we have recently made some enhancements to our E-Commerce module!  The new changes that have been implemented will allow for quicker and more efficient processes when dealing with your product information. As we moved a few functions on the user interface to allow for better flow and easier access, we also added an “Advanced Search” function so you can quickly find the exact product information … Read More

You Now have Control of Your “Help Page” and Your “Terms & Conditions” Page

You are now able to easily edit the text that comprises your “Help Page” and your “Terms & Conditions Page.”  If you don’t feel like making any changes, the Answerbase team has already provided many safeguards and general help information in the default text. But for those of you who like to be in full control and like things to be exactly how you want them, you are now able to take the reins and say exactly what you want … Read More

Tag Management Is Now Easier and More Effective

Answerbase provides two different options through which your database of questions and the content of your site are organized: Dynamic Tags and Hierarchical Categories.  For those of you that have chosen to use Dynamic Tags, we have exciting news!   Answerbase has recently released an update that will allow Administrators and Moderators a way to better and more effectively manage their tags. Answerbase has now given you the ability to take tags that are synonyms or misspellings of existing tags and … Read More