6 Ways to Distribute Content Marketing More Effectively

A single piece of content can reach many, many people in your target audience if you know how to distribute it effectively. From sharing on social networks, to taking steps to improve your search rankings, there’s no shortage of ways to get your content in front of as large an audience as possible. Here are six things you can do to help ensure that your content is reaching more of the people you want to target for your content. 1. … Read More

How User-Generated Q&A Grows Traffic and Conversions on Your Site

The principle is simple: If you want to attract more search traffic to your site, you need to know what people are searching for. Then you can make sure you have the content there to satisfy that demand. We’ve seen through years of reviewing the results from businesses of all sizes, user-generated Q&A does just that. It produces content that people are actually searching for and gives you the opportunity to be the source of the answers. Through this process, you create … Read More

Earn more money with your Q&A site

Selling advertisement is one way of making an income off of your Q&A site, but until now on Answerbase it has only been possible to add advertisement spots in a few general places of the system. But with the latest enhancement of the platform, we’ve made it possible for you to add specific advertisement to the pages that receive most visits: the question pages. This means that you have the option to take advantage of three advertisement spots placed on … Read More

Approve questions before publishing

We have now launched a few feature that let’s you choose to approve questions and answers before they are published on the site. You can change the setting for this in your administration site under the System Settings > Feature Preferences page, and if enabling this, all questions and answers will need to be moderated by you or your moderators before they can be see on the Q&A site.

Launching more features

We have uploaded a new batch of features, enhancements and bugfixes and hope you’re happy with the result. The two most important enhancements are allowing your users to use tags instead of categories and renaming experts to members. These will be described in more detail in the following posts. Apart from this we have updated the css so that users without css knowledge are able to reference their own css files without that affecting the Answerbase site inadvertently. Also when … Read More

Answerbase has beta launched

Lumin Creative, the company that has been providing the Question & Answers platform for some of the largest online properties such as Edmunds.com and Business.com for years, has now launched a new beta version of our system that enables anyone to setup a Q&A site within minutes. Using our powerful Q&A system with a wide range of features, we’ve packaged all of those capabilities into an easy to use and maintain online service (SaaS), enabling anyone to take advantage of … Read More