E-Commerce Tracking & Reports Give Users ROI Data

ROI can be a tricky animal. Let’s be honest, it’s often hard to track just how much pay out you get for each tweet, blog, sponsored post, or viral video. But we get that at the end of the day you’re looking for highly engaged customers and monetization. Good news. We have a new feature for our e-commerce clients that makes it possible to determine if Answerbase Q&A assisted in getting your customer to the check out point. Even better, … Read More

New Function Measures Reducing Duplicate Questions

One of our users’ favorite Answerbase features is our process of eliminating extra work for administrators. Whether its our similar questions function or our quick-to- reply customer service team, Answerbase customers can rest assured that we are in your corner. We’re always searching for ways to create a better Q&A experience for our clients and users. The latest upgrade we’ve incorporated is a method of measuring our process of reducing duplicate questions. By keeping track of how often we are … Read More

Answerbase Implements User Approval Functionality

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”  -Pat Riley Here at Answerbase we are committed to continually improving our product to better meet the needs of our clients. We love getting suggestions on how our Q&A systems can be improved to give your users a higher quality experience. So please reach out to us when you have an idea for a new feature or an adjustment. Today we have an exciting new feature update to share … Read More

Answerbase Introduces 5 New Q&A Widgets

We’ve recently introduced some advanced widget builders to help your users easily integrate your Q&A system into their regular routine on your site. Bonus: our widgets also help distribute your Q&A system’s content easily across the web. Your users can add widgets to their own sites and blogs which will lead even more traffic back to your online presence. Simply choose the criteria you’d like displayed on the widget, grab the code, and then place the widget on any page. … Read More

Answerbase Announces Social Commerce Module

You’ve been there. You’re on the shopping portal, you want to buy a product, you’re one click away from check out, but you have a question about the product. And no one is around to answer it. Maybe you want to know what percentage of the fabric is cotton. Maybe you want to know how many decibals the speakers max out. Perhaps you want to know the length of the book. “Will my first grader really sit down and read … Read More

Answerbase Unveils Private Q&A Community

We’re excited to unveil our latest feature for our Q&A communities and this one promises to be a game changer. Our newest feature gives companies the option to launch private Q&A communities. The new feature opens up an array of possibilities for companies looking for a Q&A platform for in-house inquiries and private collaborative software. Our new “private Q&A community” feature gives you the option to make your content only viewable by people that are approved members of the community. … Read More

4 Questions Answered About Adding Community to a Site

When considering adding community to your website to increase engagement and the overall customer experience, at first glance you may have trouble deciphering what’s important and what’s not. Below, we’ve answered four questions that are integral to understanding and implementing any kind of community to your site. 1. Why is community engagement so important? Community engagement is not only the future of customer service it is the NOW of customer service. Providing an avenue for customers to interface with staff … Read More

4 Things to Look for in Collaboration Software

Collaboration software is an exciting option for businesses whose goal is to increase engagement and provide their customers with high quality information. When scanning the options there are four important things to look for:   1) Intuitive Design. Explore the software and see if it easy to use. Does it make sense to a first time user? Is it easy to navigate? Is there coding involved? If you want a system that blends seamlessly with your site’s current design check … Read More

3 Surprising Facts about Answerbase’s Q&A Online Software

We know you have more than one option when seeking out Q&A online software. However, you might be unaware of a few of Answerbase’s intuitive advantages. 1. The shoe will fit–we promise. We have a multitude of options to choose from so our Q&A platform will fit right in with the rest of your site. The first three plans have template options so you can select a look that fits you best. They also include the option of adding your … Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Question and Answer Applications

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.” -Socrates Socrates was on to something. In the 21st century, through Answerbase answers software incredible opportunities exist for users to utilize the knowledge of others. Not only that, but question and answer applications present significant opportunities for companies. Let me share with you three reasons adding a Q&A site to your existing web presence will benefit your brand. … Read More