Answerbase Announces Social Commerce Module

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You’ve been there. You’re on the shopping portal, you want to buy a product, you’re one click away from check out, but you have a question about the product. And no one is around to answer it. Maybe you want to know what percentage of the fabric is cotton. Maybe you want to know how many decibals the speakers max out. Perhaps you want to know the length of the book. “Will my first grader really sit down and read A Wrinkle In Time cover to cover?”

We’re thrilled to announce our latest new feature: a social commerce module. Q&A on any company’s website can provide clarity, increase customer loyalty, and provide better customer service. But we’ve taken that concept and applied it where customers need questions answered most: right before making the purchase. This is how it works:

A potential customer has a question about your product. Right on the product page are questions and answers about that product. The customer’s question is answered; he swoops in for the purchase. On top of that, search engines also point to this page when shoppers search for relevant information about your products. Each question-answer combination in your Q&A database creates an optimized page for search, which draws shoppers from search engines to see the answers. New customers are led right to your product page where they find the information they need to make a purchase.

One aspect of this new feature that we know you’ll love is the ease of implementation. The widget begins working right when you place it on your product pages. The social commerce module can even auto-generate the products in the Answerbase system, so they can be searched for or used as categorization.

Our Q&A database automatically recognizes and answers all previously asked questions immediately. This is a huge time saver. Sales staff and product evangelists answer all new questions so you don’t have to be concerned with wrong information. The customer’s experience is flawless. The Q&A widget recognizes common questions and shows an answer immediately if it’s available in your Q&A database. New questions answered by sales-support staff and product evangelists are saved to grow the Q&A database for the future.

The social commerce module provides customers with accurate information and a user-friendly experience that will increase your sales conversion rates. With optimization, the Q&A pages lead shoppers right to your product pages, attracting an ever-growing number of search engine visitors and turning them into paying customers. Give it a try today.

Check out a free trial of Answerbase and see why clients like Angie’s List are already using it.

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