Answerbase Unveils Private Q&A Community

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We’re excited to unveil our latest feature for our Q&A communities and this one promises to be a game changer.

Our newest feature gives companies the option to launch private Q&A communities. The new feature opens up an array of possibilities for companies looking for a Q&A platform for in-house inquiries and private collaborative software.

Our new “private Q&A community” feature gives you the option to make your content only viewable by people that are approved members of the community. Users will have to register and log in to the system to view content or be recognized as an approved member of the community by an administrator or authentication. This new functionality ensures privacy for companies that want their employee’s or clients’ questions to be addressed in a closed and secure community.

This means your company gets the final say on who is seeing content on your Answers site.

The support of private Q&A communities opens the door for improved internal collaboration within larger companies, additional revenue streams for websites who want to create a “pay to play” collaboration environment, as well as customer-driven support communities so customers can support each other as they all interact with a similar product.

Private communities give you the ability to require payment for Q&A participation, allowing you to take advantage of being a subject matter expert or having access to valuable experts. On top of that, you can opt to use the private Q&A communities for confidential company collaboration, allowing larger organizations to take advantage of the full knowledge base which saves both time and resources when solving common issues.

Private communities. Just another way we’re upping our game.

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2 thoughts on “Answerbase Unveils Private Q&A Community

  1. David

    But this is not an automated solution correct? You have to manually setup each user?

  2. admin Post author

    It can be manual or automatic depending on your preferences. You are able to use our Single Sign-On Authentication in order to establish users automatically or are able to import users if you’d like through the administration area.

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