Bulk Content Management + Import Content via CSV

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We have some more new features just released to the system to tell you about:)  Check out these recently released items…

Bulk Management of Content

We’ve made some enhancements to help you as an administrator.  When you need to go through questions, answers and users to cleanup any spam or perform other actions that require the editing of multiple items, you are now able to do so without having to go through the content one by one. We have added the option to choose all or some of the elements of the lists and act on them (unpublish/delete etc.) all of them at once. You can even choose how many items you want to see displayed in those lists, and adjust to your preference.  You’ll be able to see these new options when you’re browsing your content and user lists in the administration site.

Import Content via CSV

Now you can also import your existing content into Answerbase by uploading a CSV file with all your questions and answers.  You can find this ability in the “User Content” area of your administration site, and you’ll see the option to “Import Content” in the subnavigation there.  We help you manage this easily by providing a CSV template as well as formatting guides for your content.

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