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Now on Answerbase your users are able to compose the questions or answers they’d like to post before they login or register, allowing them to write and edit their content first and only requiring them to login or register as the last step before finally posting.  Previously the users were required to register or login before they were introduced to the pages to compose their content, which could interrupt their thought process and desired action.  With the new process they are able to move smoothly through each of these important actions on your system and login or register as the very last step in the process.  This promotes increased activity on your site, since the user has already invested the time to compose the question or answer by the time they reach that last step and are much less likely to abandon the task once they reach that final requirement.  Easier and smoother process for them, more content for your site.

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One thought on “Ask & answer without being logged in

  1. Jim

    Are you able to import content for Q&A if you have these ahead of time? Are you able to automate this in any way? Potentially import on a weekly or daily basis through an API? I don’t see anything specific and just wondered how you handle this for other sites?

    Thanks, Jim

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